To whoever it may concern:

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed their slightest to this and tried to push out some work.
Before this project we were disclosing WW-RP and were trying to detach ourselves from the platform,
considering we have accomplished our core goals throughout the journey of 10 years and had experienced
mainly everything the mod had to offer. When 0.3.8 was announced in development it brought hope and engagement
back into SA-MP, so we thought of doing something for the last time. For many of the development team
this was our last attempt at giving SA-MP a run overall.

We've brought up the decision to close the project after a long talk about the recent SA-MP news related
to the cancellation of the 0.3.8 version. Many of us have lost the motivation that was built at the start
of the project and now we are heavily occupied with other IRL things that consume our time more.
This marks the closure of the project as of 16/01/2018.

Thanks and goodbye.